SMHC Trail Stories



If you are interested in submitting a story for the webpage, or to the SMHC archives at the McClung Historical Collection, follow these directions:

1.  Begin your story with a title all in capital letters, followed with your byline.
2.  Indent each new paragraph, single space throughout.
3.  Be sure to edit carefully as no editing changes will be made when posted.
4.  Send your story as an attachment to Pat Bolz at: pbolz1 @ (Copy and paste the email address into the TO: field of your email message, then remove the spaces.)

5.  "Writing tips" are posted for your convenience.
6.  Your story may be submitted for publication via various sources. Upon receipt, it becomes the property of the SMHC.
7.  Include a photo or slide if possible.


1.  Avoid verbs "to be" (passive voice) by selecting action words.
2.  Keep verb tense consistent.
3.  Be sure to include dates and specific locations in the story.
4.  Mention gear and equipment to punctuate "modern" changes in technology.
5.  Develop a strong lead and end.
6.  Be sure to include the 5 W's:  Who - What - When - Where - Why?
7.  Indent lines of dialogue and continue to do so when speakers change.
8.  Ask someone to proofread your story as a double-check.